Why I am Running

Larimer County is facing many challenges and with an expected growth of 55% by the year 2050, we need to have someone that has local, present-day experience working to solve our current issues as well as having a vision for the future.

That person is me.  I am in my tenth year on the Larimer County Planning Commission, two terms as the Chair of this Commission.  I also served on the task force that just completed the 3-year project to update the Comprehensive Plan, which is a visionary document for the next 20 years for Larimer County.

Some of the issues facing us is growth, water, infrastructure needs, and meeting the demands of services such as Veteran Services, Social Services, transportation and well as others.  We must be pragmatic and responsible to our communities as we move forward.

We must recognize that these issues affect every community in Larimer County, and we must act regionally to solve our issues.  Larimer County is in a unique place to be the convener to facilitate and bring our communities together, while respecting the individuality and character of each of our cities and towns.

Larimer County is a unique place and its people, recreation, and beauty need to be respected.  We need to protect these things and keep this a great place to live, work and recreate.  We must have a vision of the future that gives those coming tomorrow the same opportunities as those who are already here.  We have a responsibility to our children’s children, and we must create the legacy that preserves these assets for the future.

I have the experience and vision that looks to the future and will serve Larimer County honorably.