Why I am Qualified…

Having worked at the highest levels of organizations, I have hired or been responsible for the recruitment of the leaders in my businesses.  This is a critical skill to be able to identify these talented people who are the professional leaders and will keep the organization on track.  I have been honored to be a part of these processes for many years, and through my business experience of working with multi-million dollar organizations, I have gained a unique perspective and understanding of how this works.

One of my core values is respect; respect for each individual and believing that each person has the responsibility and ability to make choices for themselves and their families.  Respect of others also requires that we do not provide every service that may be demanded by citizens from the government.  You deserve a voice.  The challenge of a Commissioner is making sure that the laws and regulations are applied equally across the 2600 square miles of the entire county.

While acting in an impartial way and applying land use decisions equally, is imperative that decisions are made in a principled manner that protects personal rights and lessens impacts on surrounding properties and the environment.  We must be fair and very conscientious to make decisions that respect the law.  Commissioners must look to the future and plan.  Decisions made today will affect the future.  I take this responsibility very seriously.  Working at the highest levels of my organizations, I have had to apply these judgments in many ways over the years.

Several years ago, I was appointed to the Eighth Judicial Review Commission and placed in the position of making judgment on the Judges.  When I was asked by former Congressman, The Honorable Bob Schaffer, if he could forward my name for nomination he said; “You’d be good at it; and, since I trust your judgment, everyone in Larimer and Jackson Counties will, too.”  I appreciate his endorsement and have enjoyed my time on the commission.