The future vision for our county will have to include a vast conversation.  We must have 2020 conversations for our 2040 problems.  I am already a part of those conversations.  Let’s keep them going.   The 8 cities, towns and 27 communities of Larimer County will need someone on Day One that understand the issues facing us now and in the future.  I am that person. 

Here are some of the issues in Larimer County that I have been part of the discussions and/or planning.  Please look into the issues and contact me or come and see me at any of the events or forums coming up.

A Vision for Larimer County

Larimer County is comprised of 8 cities and towns that include 27 different communities.  These are the issues we are facing today and will continue to face in the future.  Stay tuned for more information about these topics.

Regional Issues

  • NFRMPO (North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization)
  • NCRA (Northern Colorado Regional Airport)
  • Neighboring Counties
    • Weld
    • Boulder
    • Jackson
    • Albany, WY
    • Laramie, WY

County Issues

  • Water
  • Infrastructure
  • Growth
  • Affordable /Attainable housing
  • Mental Health and addiction
  • Cost of living
  • Property rights
  • County Organization
    • Governance
      • Parochial behavior of communities
    • Senior access to services
    • Veteran’s services
    • Mandates from State and Federal Governments

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