Hello Friends,

I don’t have to tell you how this is such an unprecedented time in our history. Just like when President Reagan got shot, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, or 9/11 – we will all remember where we were when our nation completely shutdown because of the word Coronavirus.

Up to March 2020, we were on an economic high! If you wanted a job, you could get one. Unemployment was at historical lows for everyone. Fast forward to right now, mid-May. Business are struggling to stay afloat. Restaurants are being forced to close because they simply can’t maintain their business on delivery and take-out alone. Friends and neighbors are out of work. Cities and counties will have severe revenue shortfalls in their budgets.

We all know someone who has been effected by this right now, but what are the unintended consequences of this shutdown, and will we ever actually get “back to normal”?

Hospitals have canceled routine, preventative, and what has been deemed non-essential surgeries. Not only has this led to the furlough of doctors, but how many people have delayed going to the doctor for a condition that may be much worse after several months of waiting?

For those dealing with domestic violence, they are now forced to be with their abuser which limits their ability to seek help. Not to mention those kids who are victims of child abuse and their only safe haven, was school/daycare.

We are in the midst of an addiction crisis in the United States. Isolation, depression, lack of work and the inability to have a routine or daily schedule can lead to relapse. Not to mention the bullying and general negativity surrounding different schools of thought on the COVID-19 topic.

Then there is also the fact some people are collecting more income from unemployment than they were from being employed. How do we navigate a new environment of people who are getting paid more by staying at home, than by going to work?

These are trying times right now, but we need to be thinking beyond COVID-19, beyond 2020. Most of us are doing our best to listen to the experts, take precautions, and protect our most vulnerable populations. But we still have to live. We still have to work. We still have to be productive members of our communities, and friends we CAN do this safely.

We need to get back to work, open up Colorado (safely of course), and work to mitigate the unintended consequences of these stay-at-home orders, before they permanently change our vision of freedom.